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Kimmie KaBoom

For those that haven’t heard of me, My name is Kimmie KaBoom. I am a BBW porn star and have been featured both throughout the US and internationally on numerous dvds and sites. Since my XXX debut in 2014, I have worked very hard at building my brand and website. Giving my fans the absolute best of “Kimmie KaBoom”.In return my fans & peers with their support have enabled me to win various awards over the last few years.
In addition to my XXX website, filming for other companies, working on web cam and writing  for various magazines;I am also very active on social media. It was only natural that I start on this new endeavor with XXX Pornstar Radio.I’m looking forward to spending my Sunday nights with you. I’ll be giving you 90 minutes of my sexy southern twang, fluent sarcasm and spotlighting some of the best talent in the business. Be sure to take a free tour of my website KIMMIEKABOOM.COM and follow me on social media!
Website: http://KIMMIEKABOOM.COM

Twitter: @thekimmiekaboom
SnapChat: Kimmie KaBoom
Find me on cam: http://kimmiekaboom.cammodels.com
Tumblr: http://thekimmiekaboom.tumblr.com/
IG: thekimmiekaboom
Facebook: http://facebook.com/kimmiekaboom

Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/5090067

Please enjoy a few sample photos I want to share with you below!